One way to serve at Peace is to participate in our Service Assistant Program. You may join at any time by contacting the church office or sign up when “Time and Talents Surveys” are updated annually in the first quarter.

Service Assistant Positions


Greeters arrive 15 minutes prior to the assigned worship service and stand by the front doors to welcome and and greet incoming Peace members and visitors.


Ushers arrive 15 minutes prior to the assigned worship service to distribute Sunday bulletins outside the sanctuary doors. You will also be asked to count attendance, distribute the offering plate, and let rows of worshipers know when to go forward to receive communion.


Lectors read the assigned Sunday reading. The reading will be forwarded to you mid-late week prior to your assigned Sunday.

Communion Assistants

Communion Assistants prepare the communion trays prior to worship and set the altar with communion wine and bread. Assist the pastor with distribution of the wine and collection of empty communion cups. After worship, clean up the communion trays and dispose of the unused wine and bread.

Donut Pick Up

Donuts are ready for pick up Sunday mornings at 7:30am at Jerry’s Foods in Eden Prairie. This role picks them up and brings them to Peace for the hosts to prepare for fellowship.

Sunday Hosts

Sunday Hosts set up the coffee and treats for our fellowship time between services. Hosts need to set out the donuts and napkins, coffee cups and glasses, sugar and cream, and apple juice.  Click here for host instructions. You may call the church office to see which Sundays are available.  We enjoy when people observe a special occasion with their Peace family and bring in special treats. Please call the church office to make arrangements. It’s a great ministry!

How Do I Sign Up?

Service assistants are scheduled on a quarterly basis: September-November, December-February, March-May, June-August. You may select which seasons you would like to participate and position(s) of interest. Prior to scheduling for a season, we contact participants to determine Sunday availability.

To sign up, you may call the church office to be added to the list. You also may complete our Time and Talents Survey or look for them on the Welcome Center Wall and bring the completed survey back to the church office.