The Mission of Peace
Growing a community that nurtures a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.

The vision of Peace is to be a dynamic, Christ-centered congregation known by its members and the greater community for its commitment

Dynamic, effective worship that provides an encounter with God and unifies individuals into a community of faith. Worship is characterized by a commitment to excellence and employs a variety of formats that enhance access to faith. These worship experiences engage both heart and intellect, helping believers grow in faith and welcoming all who seek a connection with God. The meaningfulness of experience compels the community to worship together regularly.

Children and Youth:
A vibrant, extensive program that engages, teaches, mentors, and entertains our children and youth in a wholesome Christian environment, from preschool through young adulthood. Youth participate in a network of relational groups that are based on common interests, supported by adult lay leadership, and committed to spiritual support. The common links for all ages are large group activities and common worship experiences. Children’s ministry is characterized by strong parental involvement. 

Service and Outreach:
Members enthusiastically participating in service and outreach. We support both small and large scale projects championed by members. The question “How can we spread the good news?” is addressed in bold ventures in service ministry.

To honor God in Jesus Christ in all we do:
We rely on prayer.
We encourage and equip people for ministry.
We reach out with compassion to all people.
We serve others.
We seek direction from the Holy Spirit.