After a unanimous vote to proceed with the renovations, we are ready to begin the work! To gather members’ input, we will have five subgroups that will address various aspects of the renovation. These groups will meet over the next several months; the number of meetings will vary based on the group. The groups are:

  • Interior: This group will have input into elements such as carpet, paint colors, furnishings etc.
  • Kitchen: This group will meet with the kitchen designer and have input into the kitchen.
  • Technology and A/V: This group will evaluate Peace’s needs and the ways in which we can meet those needs as we move through the remodel.
  • Exterior/Landscaping: This group will have input into the exterior and may be more of a working group (moving existing plants, planting or replanting as necessary).
  • Playground: This will be a working group that will decide on where we move the playground, fence, etc. and then work with volunteers to make it happen!

If you have an interest in any of these groups, please email Lori Thomson at or call at 952-465-4168.