Peace's Capital Campaign

Building Renovation Questions & Answers

Revised version of document presented to Peace Members during Adult Education on Sunday, September 20, 2015

1. Why are we doing a capital campaign? 

The purpose of a capital campaign is to raise funds for specific renovation needs that are not included in the yearly operating budget. The Build for Today – Reach Others Tomorrow Capital Campaign will help fund some much needed grounds and facility improvements. Our theme refers to the need for enhancements and expansion to continue living our mission of Growing a community that nurtures a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ, effectively serving members and guests while ensuring the future of Peace Lutheran Church.

2. Does our church support moving forward with a campaign?

A few months ago, Peace Lutheran Church enlisted a fundraising consulting firm to conduct a feasibility study. All members were asked to participate through interviews and surveys. The firm compiled results and applied their professional experience to determine that our congregation has the capacity to complete a successful campaign. The study found that many are willing to volunteer and 88% of participants would or would consider making a gift to a capital campaign, indicating broad congregational support.

3. What is the campaign goal and how long will it last?

The feasibility study estimate indicated the congregation has the ability to raise between $800,000 and $1.1 million over a three-year period. Our goal is to raise at least this much and finance the remainder of the project.

A church education process will begin shortly and continue throughout the next few months. At this time, the plan is to distribute and collect pledge cards this winter. Every member will be invited to volunteer for the campaign and make a three-year pledge above and beyond their regular giving.

4. What is the current project scope and how much does it cost?

  • Kitchen and bathroom updates, including:
    • Increase size of kitchen, update appliances, and add coffee serving area
    • Increase the number of toilet fixtures in the upper level
  • Redesign and improve space for hospitality, fellowship, and meeting space, including:
    • Increase the number of classrooms from 5 to 8
    • Increase office area from 4 private offices to 5 private offices and increase work space
  • Expansion of parking lot, including:
    • Demolish Peace House and create an expanded parking lot on this site
  • Remodel and refresh the sanctuary and parish hall, including:
    • Add sacristy and storage space

We recently received a professional cost estimate of the project that came in at $2,500,000, which is under our original estimate. Exact cost breakdowns of parts of the project will be shared at a future informational meetings.

We have been advised that Peace Lutheran Church should be able to finance the entire project and will be exploring options once the campaign pledges have been received. As good stewards of church resources our congregation will not borrow more than we can afford.

A view from the parking lot of the front entrance and new addition.

A view from the parking lot of the front entrance and new addition.

5. Are these projects a want or a need for the congregation?

Although some study participants questioned if the enhancements were necessary at this time, we don’t want to only focus on today’s needs. It is our obligation to maintain Peace’s facilities. Through this project we hope to celebrate those who gave of their time and resources to build our facilities by making decisions that will promote the perpetuity of Peace and benefit future generations.


View of new entry way and narthex area

View of new entry way and narthex area

6. Is our congregation large enough to cover the cost of the projects?

We refer to the Gospel story of when Jesus created an abundance of food to feed thousands from just five loaves of bread and two fish. Although the disciples viewed this situation as a challenge, Jesus saw the opportunity to reach people and feed them with his grace and mercy.


Peace Lutheran Church is committed to being good stewards of financial gifts and not spending more than we can afford. Rather than a challenge, our church leadership sees the upcoming campaign as an opportunity to engage our membership and remind each of us that all things are possible through Christ. Although the focus will be on building, the primary goal is to expand and deepen our ministry, while at the same time, to serve more people.


Given the feasibility study projections, current budget surplus and cash reserves, we are confident that we can complete the building project. Over the next few months, church leadership will continue to get more detailed building costs, a definite financial commitment from the congregation in the capital campaign, and make a recommendation to the congregation on the final project.

7. If these projects aren’t important to me personally, why should I support a campaign?

Peace Lutheran Church serves as a “conduit” or extension of our individual faith life. As members, we are part of an extended family which is called upon to actively support an array of worship, education, social outreach, fellowship programs and activities. As a family member each of us provides visible and tangible support and encouragement for all needs within the family, not just those that are important to us. This is the expectation of discipleship in following our Lord.

8. Is this the right time to conduct a campaign?

There is never an ideal time to conduct a campaign due to the economy’s constant ebb and flow, but we must always be considering ways in which to maintain and enhance our facilities to remain a vibrant church.

9. Who will be asked to participate in a campaign?

Each member will be sent the same campaign information and most importantly every household will be asked to participate through giving and volunteering. “Not equal gifts, but equal sacrifice,” is the philosophy that best describes this effort. Not everyone can make the same size gift, but everyone has an ability to make a sacrificial commitment.

10. How can I learn more about this campaign?

The church will keep you informed throughout the next three months through worship announcements, mail, email and other forms of communication. We will also hold various gatherings to offer opportunities for questions and answers.