The following building renovation update was presented by Lori Thomson during Adult Education on May 22, 2016.

The general timeline of the project is still targeted for:

  • May through August – Developing schematic design, design development and construction documents. During this phase, there will not necessarily be a lot happening to the building. There may be some designers and architects in and around the building gathering data, but no construction will begin.
  • September through June 2017- Bidding for construction contractor and beginning construction in mid to late September.

Since the congregational vote to proceed with the remodel, several things have taken place.

  • We have added David Eide, Mary Manley, Sue Larson, Steve Larson and Ray Larson to the building committee.
  • Contracts have been signed with the following companies:
    • Civil and Structural engineering: BKBM
    • Surveying: Sunde
    • Soil Borings: Braun Intertec
    • Kitchen design: Rippe Associates
  • Sunde engineering has completed that property survey.
  • Braun Intertec has completed the necessary soil borings for the church site and the upper level parking lot.
  • Mission Investment Fund has approved Peace for a mortgage up to 1.8M and we are waiting to hear back from Thrivent.
  • Met with audio-visual and sound consultant for feedback on the Parish Hall and the Sanctuary.
  • Members have volunteered for groups to give input on various aspects of the remodel including the kitchen, landscaping, technology and interiors.
  • Visits to 2 other churches have been done in order to view their kitchen set ups.
  • Plans to move the playground are being developed.
  • Paul is working on altering the schematic designs based on input from members.
  • We have purchased a list of 116 neighboring households that we will be communicating with about the remodel. Once we have the designs more fully developed, we will have an open house to allow the neighbors to stop in, look at the designs and ask questions.

Throughout the summer the following will be happening:

  • The building committee and the design team (contracted engineering and design companies) will be working on getting final designs completed and construction documents developed. The volunteer member groups will be reviewing the designs also.
  • The building committee, the Nine Mile Watershed District and the City of Bloomington will be working on all necessary applications and permits.
  • The renters will be out of the duplex by the end of June. At that point we will be preparing the building for tear down. Note: Our selected our construction contractor will be completing the demolition so that will not be happening until September, at the earliest.
  • The playground will be moved.