Wednesdays in Lent–February 21-March 21, 2018

Lenten Supper at 5:45pm | Worship at 6:30pm with Holden Evening Prayer

2018 Lenten Theme: “The Good News for Good People”

We’re all very familiar with the famous parable of “The Prodigal Son.” There are three main characters: the father, the elder son, and the young “prodigal” son. We know about the young son who makes huge mistakes with life and, at the end of the parable, throws himself upon the mercy of his father. But what about the elder son, the “good” son who has done his job and followed the rules? Both sons wanted to find themselves in the arms of the father. The prodigal gets there. The question for this series is, how do good people get there? Come join us for this 5-week series!

  • Wednesday, February 21–“Good News for the Anxious”
  • Wednesday, February 28–“Good News for the Dutiful”
  • Wednesday, March 7–“Good News for the Blessed”
  • Wednesday, March 14–“Good News for the Right”
  • Wednesday, March 21–“Completing the Parable”

Wednesday Evening Schedule:

5:45-6:15pm    Lenten Supper (freewill offering)

6:30pm            Worship | Holden Evening Prayer